Nombre de expositor
Melania Fernández Dengo
Resumen CV

Studies: Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, Master in Early Childhood Education, Master in Education, Supporting Children with Reading Difficulties Course, PYP Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses.
I have a passion for reading and I have been teaching children to read since 1992. I’ve worked with children ranging 2 years to 12 years old. I want teachers to be more aware of the reading difficulties and when to ask a professional for help.

Pan-American School
4th Grade Teacher


Nombre Charla
Supporting children with reading difficulties
As a teacher, sometimes it is difficult to know if a child is presenting reading difficulties. This course aims to make teachers more aware of the different indicators of dyslexia and other related reading difficulties. We will give some hints for teachers to recognize so you are better able to support your student more directly.
Audiencia Meta
Early Childhood/educacion de la primera infancia, Primary/Primaria, Learning Support (Psychologists, Learning Specialists, etc) / Apoyo al aprendizaje (Sicologos, pedagogos, etc)


10:30, 2:15
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